Slow Motion Cameras Australia sells a large range of high-speed cameras and other special purpose imaging products. We also have a small selection available for hire.


We provide specialist imaging services throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Specialist cameras for compliance testing, PIV, DIC and combustion studies, as well as macro and micro imaging required for nano-technology research.

Also mining, human movement and medical research.


Our product lines include:

  • Mega Speed portable hand-held cameras HHC X9 PRO, X8 PRO and HHC X4 PRO; High-speed box cameras MS110K, MS100K, MS95K, MS90K and MS50K. MS50K design allows for use in a Vacuum Chamber

  • AOS high speed cameras - Q-PRI, S-PRI, C-VIT, S-MIZE and Promon U750 and U1000 USB 3.0 streaming cameras

  • Infinity Photo-Optical K2 DistaMax Long Distance Video Microscope, InfiniProbe TS-160, IniniTube-Ultima and InFocus

  • Lenses, lights, tripods and various machine and gantry clamps and grip arms

Consumer Cameras: Some consumer cameras now offer "super slow motion" filming, but these cameras seldom allow independent control of the shutter speed, resulting in blurred images. Most of our filming in factories is shot at 250-500 frames per second (fps) but with a shutter speed of 1/2000 second to remove blurring.  Without a fast shutter speed, the result is useless.


High-speed imaging cameras can be used in applications including manufacturing, mining, sport, research and defence. Sample high-speed video can be viewed under Sample Videos.


Slow Motion Cameras Australia provides digital imaging expertise with many years of experience across most continents. To discuss your imaging needs, email or call Greg Atkinson on mobile

041 441 7903.