Equipment Hire


Slow Motion Cameras Australia has a range of equipment for hire on a daily/weekly basis

Equipment is available for rent or lease, or we will come to you as a consultant/sub-contractor.

Cameras supplied with lenses and laptops.


Available for hire from our Brisbane office:

  • Mega Speed MS100K colour camera with 16GB memory. 1920x1080 pixels up to 2,300 fps, 1280x720 HD up to 3450 fps, 640x480 at 5100 fps and 320x240 at 10,000 fps 

  • AOS S-MIZE - monochrome camera with 2.6GB memory = 4 second repeat buffer

  • MegaSpeed X7 monochrome, 1920x1080 pixels, 8GB memory, portable with 2 hour battery

  • AOS U750 USB 3.0 colour streaming camera. 1280x1024 pixels up to 200 fps, 800x600 at 500 fps, 640x480 at 750 fps and128x128 at 3000 fps

  • Infra-red strobe light - monochrome cameras only

  • Infinity K2/SC Long Distance Video Microscope

  • InfiniProbe TS-160 Cine kit - mounts for Arri PL, Sony, Canon EOS and Nikon F


Conditions of Hire

  • Hirer must receive initial training on some systems; some require our operator

  • Hirer responsible for overnight freight both ways; overnight or additional rental will apply

  • Minimum rental away from Brisbane is 1 week

  • Insurance: Hirer responsible for insurance and for any loss or damage caused to equipment

  • In the event of failure of rental equipment, Slow Motion Cameras Australia's liability is limited to the provision of a working camera at the soonest possible date

  • For prices, availability and full conditions email