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Infinity Model K2 DistaMax (K2/SC) below, the World's finest Long Distance Video Microscope


Close-up images from a safe distance!


K2 DistaMax results with 1/2" sensor:

53mm wide image at 3 metres, 20.5mm wide at 980mm, 6mm at 290mm, 4.2mm at 190mm, 2.5mm at 105mm

Magnification can be doubled by adding an amplifier between camera and lens.

Capable of full format 35mm sensors


Heavy Industry - 40mm close-up at a safe distance of 800mm - K2 DistaMax with Standard Objective lens, Canon EOS 7D



K2 DistaMax with CF-2 Objective attached by Nikon F-mount to Mega Speed MS100K high-speed video camera



K2 DistaMax with CF-2 Objective attached to an S-MIZE - gives a 2mm wide video at 95mm, at 1000 frames per second



InfiniProbe TS-160 used here with a Canon camera is available for all SLR formats including full 35mm sensor size.

Smaller, more portable, and it works in closer than the K2

Now with Arri PL mount and cinematography lenses giving all-in-focus distortion-free images.

See Infinity website



CentriMax with M5 Objective attached by C-mount to a high-speed video camera



Most Infinity lenses available with C-mount, Canon, Nikon F-mount and can be fitted to virtually any digital SLR



For detailed information on models, go to the Infinity website:

Please note that some of the more remarkable photos on the Infinity site where everything is in focus, employ a technique called "focus stacking" where multiple exposures are merged - time consuming, but with the right software anyone can do it!  The fly photo above is not focus stacked, and thus the fly wings are out of focus.


For high-speed cameras we recommend the K2 DistaMax as it passes the most light for high-speed exposure.


For pricing, check the Infinity website at: Pricing at top of page.

Shipping, insurance and Customs clearance AU$350-400 depending on the model.

US$ converted to AU$ using Travelex daily rates. Allow an additional 10% for GST.


For more information in Australia and assistance in deciding which microscope is best for your project,

email or Mob: 0419 676 704


Want to go even closer?

Infinity K2/SC with CF-3 objective


100mm x 10mm aluminium plate ties elements together to minimise vibration

Photos: Alex Ansaldo


Below: (left) Horseman from $10 note above, and (right) the nose of the gentleman in the hat -

Note: Shading around gentleman's nose (below right) is text from The Man from Snowy River by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson


"THE WORD" (bottom left picture) is a further enlargement from the top left of the Snowy River text above.